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Frater Studio

Bauru-SP/Fortaleza-CE ( Brasil )

Release date of:



Aventura, RPG, Plataforma e Horror

Steam / PC (Win, Mac and Linux) 

Consoles ( to confirm ) 

Engine :

Game Maker Studio 1.4

Inglês , Português (Brasil)



“The Crown Stones: Mirrah” is a Metroidvania-styled retro game which has great influence from old games like “Castlevania”, “Demon’s Crest”, “Blackthorne”, among others retrogames that have always inspired us. However, it has different mechanics as well as some elements from new generation games, like “Dark Souls” for example, game that inspires us a lot by its difficulty and dense atmosphere.

Since its first sketch the game has been thought as an experience inside the extraphysical world, spiritual world for some, world of the dead for others, this way we thought about a game that shows some references of philosophy, hermetism, kabalah and spirituality in a great pixel art style. As great inspiration we have the RPG book “Spiritum o Reino dos Mortos”, a brazilian RPG which shows the astral, umbral and spiritual planes; the game is set in the same universe of that book.
 With 7 levels and challenges such objectives, secret passages, hidden items and characters, the player who wants to 100% the game will need lots of gameplay hours. 
 Quickly approved on Steam Greenlight, we guaranteed our initial development for PC (Win, Mac, Linux).

With the advancement of the project, we will work to publish our game for the current generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Switch). 


With a fast and fluid gameplay, the game has a back and forth dodge system as well as the mechanics of climbing platforms, together with a stealth mode and the system called “Rage”! A bar which fills as the player eliminates enemies, his fury increases and he can use it to land heavier and stronger attacks (in the complete game, “Rage” will also use chakra attacks! Each level will unlock a different chakra power!). The player can either plan to hide from enemies or face them his own way.


Excellent pixel art quality inspired by “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” design, one of the most beautiful and realistic pixel art ever done. We align all art to our preference, always in search for improvements, putting more and more details and honing our design. We’ll always bring the player the best quality and an artistic content increasingly beautiful and enjoyable.


With more than ten years of musical production experience (besides 10 years playing in bands), Ingo Duarte has joined the team with a clear sight concerning the sound pallete to be explored in the project: rich symphonic sonorities, mixed with analog synthesizers and references to the 16-bit consoles era. The alchemy resulting from these elements conveys the weight and density of the world of the dead.


Legend has it that Nephalins (offspring of an angel and a woman) were responsible for the evolution of knowledge in human beings, creating initiatory orders. In the center of all these orders there is the order of Nephalins, an order founded only by these beings...

The one called Nephalins’ Order received a message which was about a Nephalin imprisoned in the umbral planes, place where is set the worst spirits that have passed through Earth. After various researches to verify the veracity of the facts, this information was proved, forcing the order to create a rescue mission. However the spiritual world can only be accessed through two ways, astral projection (wandering throughout dream) or through death where the physical body is completely shut down from the astral body.

Killing a member of the order was off the table for that rescue. Every day many members were trying the astral projection, uselessly, for they were quickly noticed and attacked by being different from the others, so all of their attempts were frustrated. After considering a lot, they decided to take a drastic measure: find the worst member of the order and cause the worst damages possible so he can enter into a NDE state (Near-death experience), then his astral body would be shut down from the physical body throughout the mission time and he would take the imprisoned nephalin back to the upper astral planes. 

The protagonist of this journey, Rivail Kuth, was chosen to realize this mission, however, due to his troubled trip to these planes, Rivail completely lost his memory, making this mission even harder to be accomplished.


- Enemies with unique features and mechanics, plus designs ranging from the most common to the most bizarre, in this dark environment you can have any kind of opponents or NPCs that the mind can imagine!

- Use of karma as the game’s currency; the player obtains karma by eliminating enemies, or in other ways later in the game, as in various kind of trades;

-Evolution based on the seven chakras. Each activated chakra will unlock new abilities;

- Various equipment and weapons can be obtained in the game, the player will find weapons, equipment among other items in exploration places or with some NPCs;

- Implicit and explicit content. The player will have a lot of hidden content and direct contact with this information that will talk about all sorts of mysterious subjects of that place, its creatures and things the player can’t even imagine;

- Secret characters and scenarios. If the player wants to 100% of the game, he’ll have to explore a lot and solve many puzzles;

- Progressive horror. The game becomes more obscure with the progress of levels; more bizarre and weird enemies and NPCs will appear. Rivail will get more and more into the darkness and will find everything as terrifying as the mind can imagine.


Frater Studio is a Brazilian independent game developer that was created by directors Fabiano Silva and Murilo Franco in May 2016, since then it has been growing and constantly improving all its production areas, getting more experienced and evolving daily. We work hard to deliver an impressive platform game with new challenges, an immersive story in the best pixel art. We managed to get approved on Steam Greenlight very fast and our work always gets the best compliments.

The studio has and will always have as the main characteristic the constant evolution of its quality, incessantly seeking to be better in all areas, we always combine the factors fun, quality and information, in a way that pleases everyone.


Founder / Director / Producer and Game Designer

Founder / Director / Producer and Game Designer

Member of the project since October 2016, main artist

Member of the project since October 2016.

Member of the project since May 2017.


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