Do you know who is Attila?

Not everyone knows this name, but he is well known in tight circles because he belonged to none other than the leader and commander, who for a long time withheld the embers of the Roman Empire. However, how did Attila hit the slots? This is a difficult question, probably, the internet and the competition have reinterpreted everything, and now you have to look for the original names for all, so it turns out that the name of the commander was turned into this online slots. That’s why this game reflects the story of Attila.

Play Attila online without registration and deposit

If you’re into history, then this exciting slot is for you. You can play games at home or in the office because you do not have to leave the house. The game brings you a lot of fun, amusement and great time spent.

There are two variants of the game: you can play online and without any deposits (which is more convenient for beginners), and play for real money. This variant is more solid and she needs a good knowledge of the rules of the game. So she actually:

Game rules

Attila has not tolerated any utterance of cowardice, so the players who have decided to try his luck in the slot must make maximum bet on each spin. In the online slot Atila the counting range is large, so you can bet on 0.01 rubles – for cowards, and 450 rubles – for the real heroes.

The maximum price, which is a 9000-fold increase in the rate, can be obtained if a symbol is 5 times wild. More respect among the troops Attila the bravest warriors enjoyed, they were arranged honorific attestations and unusual armor. On the field of play you can also find the two soldiers dressed in strange armor. If they fall, you will get a prize that is multiplied by 750.

We’ll push you thumb at play and wish many a win

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